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Germ Solutions is pleased to welcome The Buying Networks (TBN) and its Members to our very unique product line. We are thrilled to be a part of this great group and offer our services to all members. We can provide members of TBN the leading products to fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19, and for that matter, all germs and pathogens in your indoor air and surfaces. We can all agree the way we now see germs and viruses is different and making sure our indoor environments are free from harmful pathogens must be a major priority for homes, schools, churches, and all businesses.

We Use State-of-the-art EPA Registered and FDA-Approved Technologies. These products have been third-party tested, and they reduce these pathogens up to 99.99%, eliminating much of the concerns we have experienced, and keeping us safe in this new world.

Below you can learn more about each product line and the best use for your home and/or business to protect yourself, your family, employees, and customers.

Members of TBN will receive no less than a 15% discount on our published retail pricing. In the case of large orders, additional discounts may be added.

To reach the TBN member’s agent, you can either email at TBN@germsolutions.com or use the TBN Member’s Toll-Free number, 888.610.7060.

Eliminating Germs, Viruses, and Pathogens

From our indoor environments 

Clean 24/7

Self-Cleaning Products

That Keep Your Facility Clean Around The Clock

About SafeHandles™ Technology

  • Easily installed within seconds
  • Works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria
  • The custom-fit protective handles create a durable film in high traffic touchpoints providing a clean surface
  • Optimal Efficiency: Eliminates the need for employees to spray and wipe handles
  • Patented, EPA registered technology
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Approved to purchase with Government CARES Act funds

Back To School.

                              Back In Business!

                                                               Back To Life!!

ActivePure® Technology is proven to neutralize pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, on surfaces and in the air. Our Medical Guardian is cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, and now we are making this same technology available to every business, hospital, public space, school, and home in America.

ActivePure® Powers The New Normal By Providing Continuous And Proactive Surface And Air Disinfection For All Indoors Spaces.

FDA Cleared Device              Safe For People And Pets

Works In Real-Time, 24/7      Disinfects Surfaces And Air

PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant


  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses.
  • No-Rinse Formula | Odorless | Ready-To-Use
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Our non-toxic formula actively kills germs and fungi for up to 24 hours. 

PURE® Hard Surface can be used to prevent the spread of illnesses – including the human Coronavirus (COVID-19). PURE® Hard Surface is tough enough to kill the human Coronavirus but delicate enough to be used around food. 100% eco-friendly.

This food contact surface sanitizer can be used around the entire family without posing a health risk to seniors, children, and pets. 

Effective against MRSA and multiple drug-resistant bacteria. Get rid of germs in just 30 seconds inside and outside your home or facility. 

Make Every Indoor Space Safer.

ActivePure’s Proactive Pathogen Defense™ continuously creates oxidizing molecules that significantly reduces viruses, bacteria, odors, and volatile organic compounds – both on surfaces and in the air.

In independent third-party laboratory tests, ActivePure® has been proven to reduce up to 99.99% of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), Avian influenza, E.Coli, MRSA, Norovirus, Staph bacteria, Candida, Swine Flu, Hepatitis, Legionella, and more.

Proven Effective In Spaces Large And Small

Origins In NASA, Perfected By ActivePure®

The basis of our technology was created by NASA in the 1990s for the Space Station. Our improvements to the technology have increased efficacy without using Ozone (O?). For our advancements, we have been declared Certified Space Technology and we are one of only 75 technologies that have been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in the past 30 years.

Drawing upon active processes found in nature, our Proactive Pathogen Defense™ is the only non-toxic, FDA-cleared system that cleans the air continuously and is safe for people to breathe.
Proactive Pathogen Defense™ has been instantly adopted by hospitals for use in operating and acute care rooms. From the beginning, we knew that our technologies could save thousands of lives. And we are now making it available for every home, business, and public space in America.

To learn more about our products, click on the respective name

SafeHandles™ or ActivePure®

How To Order

Ordering is simple, yet requires that you know a few things to make sure we are providing you the best solutions for your needs:

SafeHandles™ Products

If you are ordering items like our Clean Pens or the Clip-N-Grip (without customizing them), it’s just a matter of knowing how many of these items you wish to purchase, and then placing your order – At checkout you will be given on option to enter a Discount Code, please use TBN15 for your 15% Member’s Discount. Should you wish to customize these products with your logo and/or co. name, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If you are ordering any of our antimicrobial sleeves for door handles, faucet handles, etc., knowing their size is important. Refer to Downloadable PDF’s below to determine what size(s) you will need, you can also determine what tape size(s) you will need using the same form.

SH – Sleeve Fit Guide 10.11.21

SH – Facilities Checklist Form

Should you need further assistance, please email us at TBN@germsolutions.com or call us at TBN’s member Toll-Free number, 888.610.7060

How To Order

Ordering is simple, yet requires that you know a few things to make sure we are providing you the best solutions for your needs:

ActivePure® Products

In order to properly size our units to your indoor space, there are a few details we will need, this will assure that the systems we deploy will adequately protect your facility. Please contact us either via email, TBN@germsolutions.com, or call us on the Toll-Free TBN Members phone number, 888.610.7060 to help us determine the type and number of units you will need for your specific space.