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Clip-N-Grip Shopping Basket Handle


Clip-N-Grip Shopping Basket Handle

Shopping cart handles are a breeding ground
for bacteria. More germs can be found in shopping carts than in some
bathrooms. CLIP-N-GRIP are portable self-cleaning handles that easily clip on
shopping cart handles keeping handles clean.  Available in 17.5″ length
for shopping carts & 6″ length for basket handles. Manufactured by
SafeHandles, the leader in self-cleaning technology, these soft cushioned
handles clean themselves 24/7. 

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Clip-N-Grip Shopping Basket Handle

CLIP-N-GRIP fits in most
handbags. Keep one in your car for those unexpected visits to the grocery
store. Feel good knowing the handle you touch is clean and protected. Take
CLIP-N-GRIP with you on your mass transit rides. It clips right onto rails.
Also available in mini for shopping cart baskets. Suggested replacement: 6 months.


17.5” length fits most
shopping carts while allowing easy control of the cart.

6” length fits
shopping cart baskets and your hand perfectly and easy to store inside bag
or purse.

Antibacterial film works
24/7 to main a clean surface.

Enhanced comfort foam

Easy snap-on/snap-off
flexible rubber endcaps.

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