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For a complete hygiene solution, utilize our PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant in conjunction with
SafeHandles™ Ster-Roll* Tape  ADA Covers , and Heat Shrink Sleeves.

Ster-Roll* Tape

Ster-Roll* Tape can be used in a variety of locations including Push Bars, ADA Bars, Stair Rails, Push Plates, appliance handles and can be cut to fit most heavily touched surfaces. Rolls are available in 2? and 4? widths and lengths of 20? and 75? and fit on standard packing tape dispensers.

SafeHandles™ Ster-Roll* Tape is available in clear.

The silver protection maintains a clean tape for up to 6 months.

2″ x 20′ $159.00
3″ x 20′ $199.00
4″ x 20′ $239.00

2″ x 75′ $489.00
3″ x 75′ $559.00
4″ x 75′ $699.00

Heat Shrink Sleeves

The silver protection maintains a clean heat shrunk cover for up to 6 months.

SafeHandles™ sleeves are available in various sizes and are designed to fit over most common sizes of door handles, toilet and faucet levers. SafeHandles custom designed installation steamer is required for installation of these sleeves.

Sleeves are available in clear and blue (Sizes A, B, E & J only).

Size A, Medium Lever (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 114mm (3.50″)
Diameter: 21mm (0.83″)
Circumference: 66mm (2.60″)

Size B, Large Lever (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 114mm (3.50″)
Diameter: 28.66mm (1.13″)
Circumference: 90mm (3.54″)

Size C, Medium Knob (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 58mm (2.28″)
Diameter: 65mm (2.56″)
Circumference: 204.1mm (8″)

Size E, Small Lever (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 86mm (3.4″)
Diameter: 18.5mm (.73″)
Circumference: 58.1mm (2.29″)

Size H, Small Knob (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 34mm (1.34″)
Diameter: 57.3mm (2.25″)
Circumference: 179.9mm (7.1″)

Size J, Large/Long (Qty 50) $209.00
Trim Length: 165mm (6.5″)
Diameter: 28.66mm (1.3″)
Circumference: 89.99mm (3.5″)

Size K, Specific for all ADA handles (Qty 50) #209.00
Trim Length: 152mm (6.10″)
Diameter: 22.2mm (1.13″)
Circumference: 69.7mm (2.74″)

ADA Door Handle Covers

SafeHandles™ ADA door handle covers are adhesive backed for easy installation and are available in 2 sizes to fit the most common sizes and shapes of ADA compliant door handles. Available in clear. The silver protection and maintains a clean cover for up to 6 months. 

ADA Door Handle Covers , Size 1 (Qty 50) $229.00
Width: 69mm (2.72″)
Length: 134.5mm (5.30″)

ADA Door Handle Covers, Size 3 (Qty 50) $229.00
Width: 83.5mm (3.3″)
Length: 137.5mm (5.4″)

Elevator Buttons/ADA Push Pad

***** These covers are CLEAR when applied**** 100% translucent.

Elevator Button Cover – 50 Count 3/4″ or 1″ $139.00
ADA Push Pad Cover – 10 count $89.40

SafeHandles™ Ster-Roll* ADA Push Pad can be used on 4″ x 4″ push pads inside or outside.

Steamer $199.00

SafeHandles™ custom-designed portable steamer is the ideal tool made specifically for installing SafeHandles™ sleeves on all knobs, levers, and handles. This installation tool was designed to be the most effective way to achieve an effortless installation. With its easy grip handle, shoulder strap, 4 ft hose, 16 ft cord and 1 liter water capacity, it makes the installation process easy, fast and consistent.