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Germ Solutions Assistance with the COVID-19 Federal Cares Act Grant Program

Here are some of our school clients:

Andrew Street High School

Armstrong School District

Baldwin-Whitehall School District

Blairsville Senior High School

Dickson Preparatory STEAM Academy

Duquesne School District

East Irondequoit Central School District

Edgewood Elementary STEAM Academy

Gateway School District

Milton Area School District

Montour Elementary

Montour High School

New Castle Administration Building

New Castle Area School District

New Castle Area SD – George Washington Intermediate School

Propel Braddock Hills HS

Propel Northside School

Propel Schools

Rush-Henrietta Central School District

Seneca Valley School District

Shaler Area School District

Southland C-9 Schools

Swarthmore College

Turtle Creek Elementary Steam Academy

Wilkins Elementary STEAM Academy

Woodland Hills Administration Building

In response to the COVID-19 Federal CARES Act grant program, Germ Solutions has the expertise and product lines to help assist your school district’s efforts to reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria in schools, buses, athletic facilities, etc.

Our Building/ Facility protection product line includes our patented SafeHandles™ Sleeves, Ster-Roll* tape, and our PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant. Germ Solutions is ready to help your school district protect both students and staff.

SafeHandles™ provides germ protection devices ranging from shrink-wrap sleeves, custom adhesive wrappers, tape, and other products, containing EPA approved materials used to inhibit the spread of germs.

The company was founded in 2012. Designed with antimicrobial technology, they help to significantly reduce the transfer of germs, without posing any health risks and can be applied on door handles, knobs, toilet levers, railings, ADA push pads, elevator buttons, and any other high touch areas you can think of. They last up to six months per application and require just a simple wipe down with warm water periodically.

PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant has one of the fastest, safest, and longest lasting kill times on viruses, bacteria, and fungi on hard surfaces. It is human, animal, and food safe as you can see with the downloadable MSDS, PPE is not required for application.

PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant has now been added to the EPA’s list N of COVID-19 disinfectants based on its tested efficacy against the novel Coronavirus, killing germs in as few as 30 seconds without requiring rinsing. This sanitizer has been used and registered with the EPA and FDA since 2011.

Our PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant can be applied with our refillable Flairosol handheld spray bottles and with an electrostatic sprayer. (We have a supply of sprayers available.)

The first step is to download the facilities checklist and PPE checklist to input necessary data to determine the equipment/product needs for each building.

Germ Solutions will analyze the data and formulate a proposal for your review. This system will help you meet CDC recommendations and streamline your approach.